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JR Farm fruit tree
Fruit tree from JR Farm This fruit tree from JR Farm is not only very pretty to look at, it also tastes really delicious! Just the right ingredients for nibbling and gnawing! Pine cone with a filling of fruit, vegetables and oatmeal....
9.90CHF *
JR Farm Food Hamster
JR Farm Food Hamsters Adult - Complete...
JR Farm Food Hamsters Adult 500g Complete feedingstuff for Hamsters Discover natural food with JR FARM Food: This unique combination of a balanced complete food mix with natural fruits developed together with experts provides your...
5.30CHF *
JR-Farm Food Zwerghamster
JR Farm Food Dwarf hamsters Adult 500 g
Hamster JR Food 500g JR Farm Food Dwarf Hamster - natural main food Discover JR Farm Food's Natural Diet: This unique combination of a balanced, expert-developed complete food mix with more than 35 different seeds and four high-quality,...
5.50CHF *
JR-Farm Pick Wiese
JR Pick Meadow 600g
JR Farm Pick Meadow 600g The Pick Meadow by JR-Farm is a real piece of meadow for all ornamental birds to discover, pick and for an active foraging as in the wild. The Pick meadow with tasty seeds for a particularly natural occupation...
9.70CHF *
Jr Cat Bavarian
JR Cat Bavarian Catnip XXL Nature-Ball
Nature-Ball Catnip XXL by JR Farm The Nature Ball XXL will be the new favorite activity of your cat. The scent of aromatic catnip will stimulate your cat to play. The cat plaything made of willow filled with a catnip ball will keep your...
9.90CHF *
JR-Farm Heu Riegel
JR Grainless Hay Bar 150g
Grainless hay bars from JR-Farm 150g The hay bar is a healthy, drink-free snack for all rodents who like to nibble. The bar with tasty topping can be practically portioned. The rodents will be happy about the change. Composition: Peas,...
5.20CHF *
JR-Farm Snack Labirinth
JR Farm Back to Instinct Snack Labyrinth 400g
JR Farm Snack Labyrinth 400g Rodents are constantly engaged in foraging the wild. In the Snack Labyrinth, hide the attached pumpkin seeds in the aisles and your rodent will immediately start happily finding them in the labyrinth. The...
16.70CHF *
JR-Farm Grainless Igel
JR Garden Grainless Hedgehog 750g
JR-Farm Garden Grainless Hedgehog 750g The grain-free recipe with extra animal protein. Additionally refined with delicious insects. Without fruits and nuts. Hedgehogs need our help if they are ill or injured, or under 500g in October /...
12.90CHF *
JR-Farm Complete Mix Chinchilla und Degu
JR Farm Grainless Health Complete Mix...
JR Grainless Health Complete Mix Chinchilla and Degu 600g The grain-free, fully extruded diet with the extra dose of health for your chinchilla and degu. The low-sugar recipe with tasty marigold and soothing fennel chinchillas and degus...
7.40CHF *
JR Cat Milky Dips 30g
JR Cat Milky Dips 30g
Milky dips from JR-Farm 30g The irresistible milk snack for your cat. The milk snack is covered with healthy milk from the farm and is of course lactose free. Your cat will be happy to enjoy this irresistible treat. Available in 3...
5.90CHF *
JR-Farm Nager Propeller
JR Rodent Propeller 200g
Rodent propeller from JR-Farm 200g The rodents will have fun and action with the rodent propeller. Here comes movement to the rodent home. The animals will enjoy catching the delicious vegetable stakes as the wooden disc begins to spin...
14.90CHF *
JR-Farm Snack Mobile
JR Delicious Mobile 100g
JR-Farm Snack Mobile 100g We have your rodent busy with the snack mobile and he also has something to nibble on. So no boredom in the rodent home guaranteed. With the crispy biscuits and natural pasture, the Snack-Mobile promotes the...
10.50CHF *
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