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Procyon Antischlingnapf
Procyon Anti Gulp Down Bowl
For a slow eating. With the anti slurp bowl a slow and relaxed seizure is guaranteed. With mobile "bone" elements of silicone Clean easily in the dishwasher non-slip Fast and hasty loops is avoided. Trains concentration and promotes...
20.00CHF * 27.90CHF *
Sniffing meadow
Procyron sniffing meadow green-white 40x40cm Sniffing meadow - Sniffing fun with reads for your dog The washable sniffing meadow is an ideal treat search game for small and big dogs of all ages and provides extensive activity. Just hide...
29.00CHF *
Intelligence mat
Procyron Intelligence mat 80x80cm Intelligence mat - sniffing fun with reward for your dog This washable intelligence mat with sniffing meadow and sniffing tour is an ideal treat search game for small and large dogs and thanks to the...
69.00CHF *
Procyon Apportel
Procyon Apportel
Apportel aus Holz Zum Training gehört apportieren einfach dazu. Mit dem Apportel kann Ihr Hund auf Kommando, dieses bringen. Die blaue Schnur umwickelt um das Holz lässt den Griff weicher wirken. Farbe: Blau Grösse: 15cm Integrieren Sie...
4.50CHF *
Procyon Pylonenhürde hoch
Procyon pylon hurdle high
Pylonen für Ihren Agility Hundetraining Höhenverstellbar. Schnell aufgebaut. wetterfester Kunststoff. Starten Sie beim Training mit einer geringen Sprunghöhe. Die Verlängerung kann ganz einfach in die Pylone eingehängt werden und eine...
From 32.90CHF *
Procyon Welpenwippe
Procyon Puppy Seesaw
Practice makes perfect ... Promotes skill coordination balance condition Everything in a playful way. Length: 80cm Width: 25cm Height: 18cm
39.00CHF *
Procyon Stange
Procyon pole
Die Agility Stange ist vielseitig einsetzbar. Mit der Stange können Sie verschiedene Trainingselemente schwieriger gestalten oder erweitern. Hürden aufstellen Slaloms gestalten Pylonen sichtbarer machen Die Stange hat den passenden...
4.90CHF *
Procyon Fährtenschilder
Procyon Track Signs
Agility is a popular sport for dog and owner. With different courses the dog is required physically and psychologically. Anyone who loves to train with his dog can start in the Agility-sport-world. With this track signs you can make your...
4.90CHF *
Procyon Markierteller
Procyon Marking Plate
Products for agility training. Coordination, speed and agility training. Markings are clearly visible with signal and contrasting colors. weatherproof and flexible material (does not break so easily) Practical support rack for transport...
32.90CHF *
Procyon Ring
Procyon Ring
The Agility Ring can be used with any workout. In combination with the pylons or on the ground as a mark down. Promote speed skill agility The rings are available in 3 sizes: 40cm 50cm 60cm The soft plastic material prevents injuries...
From 3.90CHF *
Procyron Tunnel klein
Procyon Tunnel small
Dogs Tunnel as default in your Agility course. After the initial fear is overcome, the dog tunnel will be a popular game for your dog. Size: 152cm x 60cm Material: Nylon Colour Blue The tunnel is stowed in a nylon bag and easy to...
17.90CHF *
Procyon Agility Starter Set
Procyon Agility Starter Set
Procyon Agility Starter Set - Hundetraining selber gestalten. Mit dem Agility Starter Set haben Sie die Möglichkeit, mit verschiedenen Elementen, Ihren Hund zu beschäftigen und ein optimales Training anzubieten. Tunnel ( 60cm x 152cm) 4...
79.00CHF *
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