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Battery Air Pump
Battery Air Pump
Battery Air Pump by Marina Provides auxiliary air when main air source fails A reliable back-up air source during household electrical power failure Portable aerator for fish in transit Comes with air stone and 18" tubing Uses two "D"...
22.50CHF *
Mulmsauger Easy Clean
Marine - Gravel Cleaner Easy Clean
Marina Mulmsauger Easy Clean Mulmsauger für Aquarien, reinigt problemlos den Boden des Aquariums. Verfügbare Grössen: Mini für Nano Rohrlänge 25,5cm, rund (2.5x2.5cm) small Rohrlänge 25,5cm, oval (6.5x3.5cm) medium Rohrlänge 38cm, oval...
From 14.50CHF *
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