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BunnyBedding Active 35 Liter
Bunny Bedding Active 35 Liter
The BunnyBedding Active About Faithful is the ideal bedding for the construction of stable tunnels and corridors. Promotes natural activity, creates jobs enables the construction of stable tunnels and corridors - ideal for grave animals...
26.90CHF *
BunnyBedding Absorber 20 Liter
Bunny Bedding Absorber
The BunnyBedding absorber Under Trust provides maximum suction power and a perfect pad in your home rodent. Under a litter, for optimum moisture retention suitable for all types of litter dry permanently - with the turbo-suction reliable...
19.90CHF *
BunnyBedding Comfort 20 Liter
Bunny Bedding Comfort 20 Liter
The Bunny Bedding Comfort provides a soft bedding surface in your home rodent. Promotes natural behavior extra long dry & fresh Good suction Soft & soft, provides immediate comfort behavior dust, protects the respiratory system (ideal...
19.90CHF *
Bunny Interactive Buddelspass Sandmix 8 Liter
Bunny Interactive Buddelspass Sandmix 8 litres
Der Buddelsandmix mit Spassfaktor! Ob Buddeln, Wälzen oder einfach Entspannen - der Buddelsandmix von Bunny Nature versprich ein Rundumspass für Kaninchen und andere grabende Nagerarten. Er fördert das natürliche Verhalten der Tiere, ist...
14.90CHF *
Bunny Interactive Trainings-Snack Gemüse
Bunny Interactive Snack
Bunny Interactive Snack
From 5.30CHF *
Bunny Interactive Schnuffelmatte Heu & Hanf
Bunny Interactive Snufflemat Hay & Hemp
Search, sniffing, stress reliever! The sniffer mat Bunny Nature is a playful employment for our animal friends. Just a treat in the mat hide and go the Web and sniffing through. Besides it also promotes natural behavior and also improves...
28.50CHF *
Bunny Interactive Buddelkiste
Bunny Interactive Digging Box
Bunny Interactive Buddelkiste für Nager Bunny Interactive Buddelkiste - Der Freudenspass für Kaninchen und andere grabende Nager - Buddeln, Wälzen, Faulenzen! Buddeln ist eine der natürlichsten Lieblingsbeschäftigung der Kaninchen und...
39.00CHF *
Bunny Interactive Schnuffelmatte Filz Rot Grau
Bunny Interactive Felt Mat
The felt fun for rabbits and other rodents! The fluffy felt mat is an ideal hiding place for a treat and the tabs to bring our small animals in full swing. Sniffing and searching for food is their natural behavior and thereby promotes...
14.50CHF *
Bunny Pflege Gel 100ml
Bunny Care Gel 100ml
The natural gentle animal care for rabbits and rodents Skin irritations are no rare case. Due to the slight application gel-like consistency (preferably on hairless places), nourishes and soothes it with skin irritations such as redness,...
16.90CHF *
Bunny Interactive Click & Snack Trainingskarten
Bunny Interactive Click & Snack Training cards
One two three - With the training cards for beginners the start is not magic Together with his beloved pet to learn little tricks makes enormously fun and invigorating at the same time the mutual bond. The training cards contain 6 tricks...
6.90CHF *
My little Sweetheart
Bunny My Little Sweetheart
Snacks to fall in love. A great explosion of flavors for our darlings. Ideal as a reward. Include the valuable inulin, this regulates sense blood sugar and brings it to a healthy measure. With this snack size it's suitable to feed the...
2.90CHF *
Bunny Nature Keks mit Biss
Bunny Biscuit with Bite
Delicious and healthy snacks With valuable insulin for the regulation of blood sugar, preventing a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Supports intestinal health of the animal. Supplementary feed for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas,...
4.50CHF *
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