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Large selection of cat food

In our cat food shop for cat food you will find good / best cat food for your cat / cats such as BARF, dry food and wet food for cats as well as cat snacks and cat food supplements.

As with us humans, a species-appropriate and balanced diet is essential for a long, healthy cat life and depending on age, gender, health condition or cat breed, the optimal food varies.

It is therefore no coincidence that the choice of available cat food in different forms on the market is huge, because every cat is individual and every cat is individual when it comes to nutrition.

That's why you will find high-quality dry or wet cat food from well-known brands for different age groups and cat breeds in our range. In addition, you will also find supplements to mix and, of course, cat snacks as a reward for in-between meals.

In our cat food shop, the food for cat nutrition is divided into different areas for the sake of clarity, such as:

  • BARF (food supplements)
  • Dry food for cats
  • Wet food for cats
  • Cat snacks such as cat treats
  • Additives and supplements for cat food

The filter function of the shop also helps you to choose the right cat food for your cat.

The term BARF refers to raw feeding, i.e. biologically species-appropriate raw food for cats with fresh meat / raw meat.

Veterinary food for cats

You will also find very special diet food to support your cat in case of illness in our Royal Canin range. Discover Royal Canin Veterinary Diets for cats now.

Browse through our large selection of food for cats from well-known brands such as Bozita, Canagan, Escapure, Farmina, Hills Science Plan, Iams, Iso-Cat, Josera, Royal Canin, Trainer, Wildcat, Carnilove and many more.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our cat food shop for cat food.