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KONG Octopus L
KONG Octopus
KONG Cuteseas Octopus This beautiful and soft squid invites you to cuddle. The squid is made of soft cord, contains a squeaker and crackles beautifully. Integrated squeaker and crackling sound encourage to play The soft cord is ideal for...
From 9.90CHF *
KONG Seepferd
KONG Seahorse
KONG Cuteseas Sea Horse The seahorse is made of soft velvet and invites you to cuddle. The squeaking inside and the crackling of the food increases the play instinct while playing. A velvety soft companion for your quadruped. Crackling...
From 9.90CHF *
KONG Walfisch
KONG Whale
Kong Cuteseas whale Cuddling with sea creatures has never been so cute. KONG CuteSeas are made of soft cord and are perfect for cuddling. They also contain a squeaker and make a crackling sound when played. With this whale your quadruped...
From 9.90CHF *
KONG Shieldz
KONG Shieldz dog toy
Extremely strong dog toy from KONG This toy is made of strong and durable material. The outside contains a special coating and is sealed to protect the inside. The inside is made of plush and stimulates your dog's natural chewing...
19.90CHF *
KONG Cozies Alligator X-Large
KONG Cozie Alligator
KONG Cozie Alligator Ali The KONG Cozies Aligator XL is a cute toy made of cuddly soft plush fabric, which is covered with an additional layer of fabric that makes it especially robust. Cozies Aligator is perfect for retrieval games or...
26.90CHF *
Kickeroo von KONG
KONG Kickeroo for cats
KONG Kickeroo This toy will awaken the hunter in your cat! Your cat loves to set prey and hunt in wrestling. Then the KONG Kickeroo is just the right thing. The size, shape and material of the Kickeroo have been specially designed to...
8.50CHF *
2-1 Tragetasche und Reisematte:
2-1 Carrying bag and travel mat
Travel bag from KONG 2-1 Carrying bag and travel mat: ideal for travelling or on holiday. This shapely bag from KONG is sure to become your favourite companion. The padded mat offers a lot of comfort and reduces stress while travelling....
79.90CHF *
Kong Katzenspielzeug Whirlwind Purrsuit
Kong Purrsuit hurricane cat toy
Cat toy Kong Whirlwind Purrsuit The Kong Purrsuit Whirlwind is ideal for keeping your cat busy. The Purrsuit whirlwind will seduce your cat to chase and catch by spinning unpredictably over hard surfaces while actively wagging its long...
24.90CHF *
Kong Wubba Finz Regenbogenfisch
Kong Wubba Finz Blue
Kong Wubba Finz Blue - Dog Toy The new KONG Wubba Finz has long floppy tails that make it easy for tugging and super fun for your dog to shake, satisfying natural thrashing instincts. Two balls inside help KONG Wubba Finz bounce and...
From 18.90CHF *
Kong Hundespielzeug
Low Stuff Speckles monkey and pig
Kong Low Stuff Speckles monkey or pig Low Stuff Speckles Monkey and Pig is a dog toy that has a long, flat body that is suitable for shaking and playing. The toy crackles and squeaks for extra curiosity. squeaks crackles Long, flat body...
16.90CHF *
Kong Kiddos Comfort Schwein
Kong Pig Comfort
KONG Comfort pig Cute cuddly toy pig plush with removable squeaker. Includes a squeak to make playing funnier. The squeak is removable for a moment of rest. Size: 24 x 20 x 15 cm
15.90CHF *
Kong Lion Comfort
Kong Lion Comfort
KONG Comfort lion Cute cuddly toy pig plush with removable squeaker. Includes a squeak to make playing funnier. The squeak is removable for a moment of rest. Size: 24 x 20 x 15 cm
19.90CHF *
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