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Beetle Bar single for Jelly's
Beetle Bar single for Jelly's
Beetle Bar single for Jelly's for Beetles and reptiles. For the Jelly's for beeltes and reptiles 5cm / 4-8cm
4.50CHF *
The Pet Factory - Dekorationsset
The Pet Factory - Decoration set
Decoration Set for Nano Terrarium Fits Exo Terra® terrariums
From 18.00CHF *
The Pet Factory Beetlefix
The Pet Factory Beetlefix
Beetlefix - ready-to-use substrate for the breeding or feeding of rose chafer larvae. Beetlefix 1 Ready substrate for the rearing of rose beetle larvae. Pour Beetlefix 1 min. 5 cm high into a stable breeding box. Above the substrate...
From 6.90CHF *
The Pet Factory Dekolaub 1Liter
The Pet Factory Deco leaves 1 Liter
The Pet Factory - Dekolaub The Pet Factory Dekolaub - Steineichenlaub zur naturnahen Dekoration von Terrarien. Dekolaub für Terrarien pH senkend in Aquarien für die Aufzucht von Pfeilgiftfrosch-Quappen wirkt pilzhemmend und...
4.60CHF *
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