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  • Payment:

Monthly invoice with part payment option (POWERPAY)

With the monthly invoice (POWERPAY) - you can pay your online purchases easily by invoice with a part payment option. MF Group / POWERPAY as an external payment service provider offers the payment method "payment via invoice". At the end of the payment process POWERPAY takes over the resulting invoice requirement and handles the corresponding payment option. By selecting the monthly invoice you accept the <a href="" target="_blank">terms and conditions</a> of POWERPAY. (

Additional fees will apply according to the <a href="" target="_blank">terms and conditions</a> of POWERPAY, if you choose to pay in instalments or if you do not meet the payment deadline of the invoice.

WIR-Checks (80% Wir, 20% pay in cash)
credit card

post account: 25-9212-0
WIR account: 041917-65

  • Shipping costs

CHF 8.--
as of CHF 100.-- free shipping
for frozen food always CHF 20.-- are being charged for the overnight express

  • Partial delivery surcharge

If a partial delivery is desired, there is a postage surcharge of CHF 8.00


If goods are returend and the invoice amount falls below CHF 100.00, the shipping costs of CHF 8.00 will be charged

If a parcel is not picked up, the actual postage costs for delivery and return will be charged.
In addition we charge a processing fee Fr. 25.00

A processing fee of Fr. 5.00 will be charged for all other returns.

The order will be shipped within 2 working days, if in stock items have been selected.

Delivery only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein