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Cat Snack Orijen 35g
Cat Snack Orijen 35g
Orijen Cat Snack 35g Orijen cat licking for cats. Orijen's biologically appropriate, single source treats are an easy way to reward and pamper your cat with a memorable flavor experience. Filled with natural flavors, these treats are...
7.90CHF *
Orijen Fit&Trim Cat
Orijen dry food Fit & Trim Cat
Dry food Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Straight overweight cats are dependent on a protein-rich food that contains hardly any carbohydrates. Orijen Fit & Trim, made from 85% poultry and adult cat fish, helps your cat stay in shape. Not only does...
From 7.90CHF *
Orijen Wild Boar
Orijen Dog Treats Wild Boar
Dog Treats by Orijen Wild Boar Wild boar is the tasty main ingredient of these freeze-dried dog snacks. The composition is combined with the regional house pig. The animals grow in free range on farms in Canada and are freshly...
From 8.90CHF *
Orijen Cat und Kitten
Orijen dry food Cat & Kitten
Dry food Orijen Cat & Kitten All cats and kittens are carnivores, they naturally require a high-protein diet that is composed of different meats and a small amount of fruits, vegetables and grasses. Designed to cater for the natural food...
From 6.90CHF *
Orijen Original
Dog food Orijen Adult Original
Orijen Dog Food Original Adult Orijen Dog Dog Original is a grain-free and healthy dry food for puppies All dogs naturally require a diet that offers a variety of meats and high protein content. The Orijen Original consists of a high...
From 31.00CHF *
Orijen Treat Six Fish
Orijen dog biscuits Six Fish
Friandises pour chiens de Orijen Six Fish Entouré de trois océans, le Canada offre des lacs purs et naturels pour une récolte de pêche unique. Les collations pour chiens Orijen Six Fish sont élaborées à partir de six espèces de poissons...
From 7.90CHF *
Orijen Regional Red
Dog food Orijen Regional Red
Orijen Regional Red Dog Food Orijen Dog Regional Red is a grain-free and healthy dry food for adult dogs. All dogs naturally require a diet that offers a variety of meats and high protein content. Designed to meet their dog's natural...
From 34.90CHF *
Orijen Tundra Cat
Orijen dry food Tundra Cat
Dried food Orijen Tundra Cat Suitable for all phases of life, including kittens, and all breeds: A complete diet for cats made from fresh goat meat, wild boar, char, duck and sheep meat. Just 17% (metabolizable) carbohydrates contain the...
From 7.90CHF *
Orijen Treat Angus Beef
Orijen dog treats Angus beef
Dog Treats from Orijen Angus Beef The incomparable aroma makes these snacks a unique taste experience and a very special reward. The freeze-dried Orijen treats for dogs are produced without preservatives. The gentle freeze-drying makes...
From 7.90CHF *
Orijen dry food Six Fish Cat
Orijen dry food Six Fish Cat
Dry food Orijen Six Fish for Cats Surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic Ocean, Canada's home to unpolluted lakes offers a world-class marine harvest. In Canada, there are abundant marine resources reflecting the developmental...
From 7.90CHF *
Orijen Leckerlis Regional red
Orijen Dog Treats Regional red
Dog Treats by Orijen Regional red Tender Angus beef, tasty lamb, aromatic wild boar and Yorkshire pork make your darling's mouth water. Dogs as carnivores are by nature equipped to use the food that is made up of meat for the most part....
From 7.90CHF *
Orijen Red Regional Cat
Orijen dry food Regional Red Cat
Dry food Orijen Regional Red Cat Orijen Regional reflects the same balance of fresh meat, fruits and berries that cats would find in the wild. In Orijen Regional are incomparably large amounts of Black Angus ?? Beef, wild boar, lamb,...
From 7.90CHF *
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