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VisiTherm VTX
VisiTherm VTX
Regulating heater / heating rod for fresh water and seawater aquariums Heater fully submersible Rotary knob for temperature Waterproof double insulation Visible temperature display Control lamp Heating elements with reinforced insulation...
From 24.90CHF *
Skimm 2.0
Skimm 2.0
Skimm 2.0 - Conical complete skimmer The conical design allows the foam to concentrate when rising, and the water between the microbubbles is reduced Resulting in a more dry foam and a higher foam density when collected in the collecting...
From 285.00CHF *
Aräometer Sea Test
Araometer Sea Test
Araometer Sea Test - Desnity Meter The density meter has been specially manufactured to measure the specific gravity from 1,000 to 1,030 as well as the density of the water and salt content from 0 to 40 parts for a thousand (ppt). The...
29.00CHF *
VisiTherm Mini Heizer
VisiTherm VTX Mini - Mini-heater
VisiTherm VTX Mini - Ideal for heating Cubes waterproof double insulation overheating protection supplied with suckers set to 26 ° C fully submersible unbreakable Ideally mini-heater for shallow water areas in terrariums or for heating...
From 27.50CHF *
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