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Sanipur W von Sera
Sera Sanipur W for reptiles, rodents and...
Sanipur W by Sera - Wellness Skin Care 15ml Sera Sanipur W nourishes and cleans damaged and injured skin of rodents, birds and reptiles with marigold oil. The Sera product from herbal products soothes and accelerates wound healing....
10.90CHF *
Diropur W for rodents, ornamental birds and reptiles 50ml
Diropur W for rodents, ornamental birds and...
Diropur W in diarrhea for reptiles, rodents and ornamental birds 50ml Sera Diropur W naturally helps against diarrhea in reptiles, rodents and ornamental birds. The wellness herbal drink with tormentil root extract prevents water loss....
9.90CHF *
Sera San Nature 100ml
Sera San Nature color food
Sera Nature San color food for ornamental fish Sera San Nature is the natural color food that does not contain any colorings or preservatives. The color development is promoted exclusively by the natural ingredients such as...
From 4.50CHF *
Sera GVG-Mix 100ml
Sera GVG treat Nature
Delicacy of Sera GVG-Nature sera GVG-Mix Nature is the natural treat made of gently processed flakes that does not require dyes and preservatives.The mixture of flakes and dried, whole food organisms such as Krill, bloodworms and daphnia...
From 4.90CHF *
Sera Vipan Nature 100ml
Sera Vipan Of course
The natural staple food without dyes and preservatives sera Vipan Nature is the natural staple food that does not require dyes and preservatives. Due to insect meal from Hermetia flies it contains a high quality protein source that...
From 3.90CHF *
Sera Goldy Nature 100ml
Sera Goldy Nature
Sera Goldy Nature Goldfish Food Sera Goldy Nature is the natural staple food for smaller goldfish (even demanding breeding forms) and other selective coldwater fish, which does not require any colorings or preservatives. With insect...
From 2.90CHF *
Sera Flora Nature 100ml
Will Flora Nature
Sera Flora Nature is the natural plant food that does not contain any colorings or preservatives. Due to the natural, fiber-rich ingredients such as Spirulina with high carotenoid content, the feed ensures a healthy digestion and...
From 4.50CHF *
sera algovec UV
sera algovec UV
sera algovec UV - Geeignet für Aquarien bis 100 Liter sera algovec UV ist eine innovative UV-C-Einheit, die Algen, Keime und Parasiten auf physikalische Weise reduziert und auch als Ergänzung zu einem existierenden Biofilter genutzt...
119.00CHF *
Sera Siporax Algovec Professional
Sera Siporax Algovec Professional 210g for 600...
Unique algae control by bacteria Nutrient utilizing bacteria in a stable permanent form begin to work and multiply within shortest time upon contact with water. They remove algae nutrients – in particular phosphate – from the water and...
13.90CHF *
Sera Toxivec
Sera Toxivec
Sera Toxivec - First aid in aquariums Immediately removes ichthyotoxic ammonia and nitrite Binds heavy metals such as lead and copper Removes chlorine and chloramines Lowers nitrate levels and, correspondingly, algae growth Due to...
13.60CHF *
Sera KH/ pH- plus
Sera KH/pH- plus
Sera KH/pH- plus for 1.500 L Stability and safety Buffers and stabilizes the pH value Is effective against biogenic decalcification Creates appropriate conditions (e.g. for African cichlids) The carbonate hardness (KH) is one of the most...
9.70CHF *
Sera Raffy I
Sera Raffy I
Sera Raffy I - Appropriate variety with plenty of tasty Gammarus delicacy consisting dried Gammarus, small fish and krill for terrapins and other carnivorous disease resistance, developement and liveness Sera Raffy I is the delicacy...
From 6.40CHF *
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