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Pine cones
Fir/pine cones - 6 piecesThese natural pine cones are popular with various animals for nibbling.For ornamental birds: the birds peck the seeds out of the cones and enjoy the tasty seeds - a good activity in an aviary.For mice: mice eat the cones completely - they love the activity and the fragrant pine cones.For guinea pigs & rabbits: Use the pine cones for natural tooth abrasion and eat the pine cones.For chinchillas and degus: these rodents love to carry cones around in their enclosure and enjoy looking after them.The cones are to be fed as snacks and are not suitable for daily consumption.


Chicken drinker made from organic plastic
Organic plastic chicken drinkerThe original Stükerjürgen organic drinker, a sustainable solution for supplying water to your chicks and chickens! With the tried and tested bayonet lock, this chicken drinker guarantees a secure seal and easy handling. The ability to hang it up reduces contamination in the water and ensures better hygiene in the henhouse. Thanks to its robust construction, it is particularly durable and easy to clean, saving you time and effort.Made from renewable raw materials and 100% recyclable, this organic plastic drinker actively contributes to environmental protection.Available in 3 sizes:1.5 liters3.5 liters5.5 liters


Chicken drinker with stopper 8l
Plastic chicken drinker 8lDiscover the versatile plastic chicken drinker with a capacity of 8 liters.This drinker has been specially designed for chicks and chickens. With its practical stopper at the bottom, filling is child's play - simply open, fill with water and close again. The integrated carrying handle and the proven bayonet lock ensure convenient handling and safe transportation. The drinker is also easy to clean, making it easier for you to care for and keep your poultry hygienic. Get the 8 l plastic drinker now and always provide your chicks and chickens with fresh water in a clean environment!


Laying nests for chickens
Laying nests with 1 compartmentDiscover the laying nest with one compartment and plastic floor, an innovative nest for your hens!With its galvanized sides and hard-wearing plastic floor, this laying nest offers your hens a clean and comfortable environment to lay their eggs. Unlike conventional nests made of wood or cardboard, cleaning is extremely is extremely uncomplicated thanks to the removable base, which can be cleaned with hot water and soap. The integrated inspection flap makes it easy to monitor egg laying and the inclined base makes it easier to remove the eggs.In addition, the laying nest can also be easily hung up, offering flexibility in the placement and design of the henhouse.Dimensions: 26 cm x 52 cm x 43.5 cmOne laying nest is required for approx. 3 hens


Chicken drinker 6l - Rapid Clean
Chicken drinker 6 litersDiscover the practical Rapid Clean chicken drinker with a capacity of 6 L.This drinker offers the ideal solution for easy water filling in the chicken coop! Thanks to its suspension system, it is easy to place, whether in your chicken coop or outdoors. With its user-friendly design, it is both easy to assemble and effortless to clean, saving you valuable time and energy. The special opening on the lid makes it easy to fill with water so that your chickens are always well hydrated. Get the Rapid Clean Chicken Drinker 6L today and make caring for your chickens easier!


Birdhouse Artisan Fair Trade
Fair Trade birdhouse ArtisanEmbellish your garden or aviary with these pretty, handmade birdhousesfor small garden birds such as chaffinches, red-breasted shrikes, tits and sparrowsfor finches such as zebra finches, amadins, astrildas and canariesVery sturdyreinforced openingeach birdhouse looks different in colorTahera = teardrop shape = 12x12x28cm Anita = round = 15x15x15cmShesali = oval = 13x13x20cm All birdhouses were measured without suspension. The houses also have a wire so that they can be attached directly to a branch. The beautiful and award-winning Artisan bird nests are made from hogla grass and recycled saris.They are hand-woven by women in Bangladesh and woven onto a metal frame. With your purchase, you support the artisans in southern Bangladesh and contribute to the well-being of women and families in rural communities struggling with economic problems.


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Mirjam von Dach

Mirjam von Dach

Mirjam is our expert when it comes to keeping chickens. She has been keeping chickens in her garden for over ten years and can tell you a thing or two about hens, cockerels, group behaviour, health and the different breeds. 

In addition to the chickens, she has created places in her garden for insects, hedgehogs, squirrels and bats
Mirjam is happy to share her experiences with our customers. 

Or do you have a specific question about keeping tortoises? Then Thesi is the contact person for our customers. In addition to the enclosure she has set up for our shop, Thesi has a very large garden at her home. 

The wild birds are very close to our hearts and we feed them all year round with a wide range of food and feeders - so we always know exactly what our products are and can help you with any questions you may have. 

Do you have a question about your garden animals? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We'll be happy to provide you with expert - ing and animal advice!

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