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Kokosnus 3-er Kombination mit Leiter
Coconut 3-er combination with ladder
Rope ladder with 3 coconut hiding places This coconut-ladder-combination by ebi consists of 3 coconuts and two ladders with pieces of wood in between. The openings of the coconuts are of different sizes, since it is a natural product. We...
34.50CHF *
Kuckuck Hundespielzeug bommel
Coockoo dog toy Bobble
Dog toy Coockoo Bobble Her dog loves sturdy toys, then Cuckoo Bobble will surely be his best friend.Bommel comes in various bright colors, he has a firm, knotted body and a nice soft nose and legs. He also has a very funny squeaker in...
From 12.90CHF * 19.90CHF *
Coconut Jungle - houses with ladder
Coconut Jungle - houses with ladder
Coconut ladder with two houses Beautiful coconut ladder with two houses at the ends. Diameter of coconut houses about 130mm. Attachment with carabiner to cage. Suitable for climbing rodents and birds.
29.90CHF *
Comfortkratzbaum schwarz
Comfort Kingdom Cat Tree
Kratzbaum Comfort Kingdom schwarz 76x56x240-265cm Kratzbaum für grosse Katzen Stamm ist mit ABS-Rohren verstärkt, Sisal ist komplett mit dem Stamm verklebt Stabile Bodenplatten, mit hochwertigem Plüsch Massiver Stamm mit Ø120 mm Mit...
629.00CHF *
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