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Nibblewood Kiwi tree from Karlie
Nibblewood Kiwi tree from Karlie
Rodent kiwi tree from Karlie The kiwi tree woods are suitable for hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs or even squirrels. They help to keep the teeth short and are optimally suited to the need for gnawing. Content: 40g, 10 pieces
2.50CHF *
Karlie Plüsch Schafe
Sheep dog toy
Cute Teddy Sheep plush 20cm by Karlie This cute and cuddly Teddy Sheep with his adorable eyes will be a loyal friend to you and your dog. The Teddy Sheep has a squeaker in the belly and is available in 4 different colors. Attention:...
7.90CHF *
Mini plunger for rodents
Mini plunger for rodents
Mini corn cobs 4 pieces These freshly packed mini-corncobs are a special supplement for rodents. Not only can they be fed raw, they can also be served to the rodents in the form of popcorn. For this, the mini-corncobs are patted in the...
5.90CHF *
Laufrad mit Kuggellager
Impeller - Bogie Wheel
Impeller - Bogie Wheel - with ball bearing - very quiet The impeller made of plastic stands on a wooden base and has a good stand. Thanks to the ball bearings, the impeller is very quiet. The wheel can also be mounted with screws or...
From 32.90CHF *
Bathhouse Rio for birds
Bathhouse Rio for birds
Rio 10 bathhouse for birds This large bathhouse for birds will become a popular bathing place. It's easy to put together and easy to clean. Size L: 25 cm W: 18 cm H: 17 cm Attention: assorted colors
11.90CHF *
Cats teepee tent
Cats teepee tent
The Beeztees tepee cats tent The tipi tent for cats is an award-winning article. And let's face it, it just looks good too. The tent with the wooden sticks is set up quickly and your cat can instantly pick. With the soft cushion inside...
39.90CHF *
Kitty Bamboo 1
Kitty Bamboo 1
Kitty Bamboo 1 for cats Natural and beautiful created from real wood, bamboo and soft plush. Elegant bamboo wood combined with expressive plush design. A cozy berth for your pet. With cuddly pillow, washable at 30°. Easy construction.
79.00CHF *
Naturholzleiter für Vögel und Kleintiere
Natural wood ladder for birds and small animals
Natural wood ladder for birds & small animals These natural wood ladders with bark for birds and small animals are available in the following sizes: Variant 1 = 26 x 8 cm Variant 2 = 31 x 9 cm Variant 3 = 39 x 1.5 cm Variant 4 = 50 x 10 cm
From 2.90CHF *
Petcare Entfilzungsspray
Petcare detangle spray
Petcare detangle spray for dogs and cats This spray helps to detangle the knotted hair of long haired dogs and cats and also helps to keep it detangled for days. Contains: 175ml
4.90CHF * 5.90CHF *
Petcare Zahnpasta mit Bürste
Petcare toothpaste with brush
Petcare toothpaste with brush for dogs For an easy treatment of the teeth of your dog. The dog toothpaste is specially developed to strengthen the teeth and to prevent tooth loss. There is no harm in swallowing the dog toothpaste....
5.90CHF *
Petcare Tränenstreifen-Entferner
Petcare tear streak remover
Petcare tear streak remover for dogs and cats Especially good for dogs and cats with a light coloured coat who suffer from tear stains. With this liquid you will safely and effectively remove the tear stains and the crust around your...
5.60CHF *
Petcare Ohrreiniger
Petcare ear cleaner
Petcare ear cleaner for cats and dogs Put a few drops of ear cleaner in your pet’s ear and all dirt will be dissolved. Contains: 50ml
4.50CHF * 5.60CHF *
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