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Rodents supplementary food

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Supplementary food for rodents

Supplementary food shop for small animals / rodents

Large selection of supplementary food for small animals & rodents

In our supplementary food shop you will find rodent food supplements / small animal food supplements such as vitamins, minerals (mineral stones), lick stones, salt stones, protein, crackers, baked goods, drops, nibbles, roots and more for your rodent(s) respectively your small animal(s) like chinchilla, degu, hamster rabbit / hare, guinea pig, mice, gerbils, rats, ferrets, chipmunks and many more.

Browse through our large selection of supplementary food for your rodent / rodents respectively your small animal / small animals.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our supplementary food shop for small animals / rodents.

If you have any questions or would like more information about supplementary food for rodents and small animals, we will of course be happy to assist you with our expertise. Contact us without obligation by e-mail or phone, we will be happy to advise you.