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TigerCat - Tested and loved by cats and cat owners...

At TIGER CAT everything revolves around the well-being of the cat. All TIGER CAT products are developed together with experienced cat owners and tested by cats for "heart & paw". High-quality and pollutant-free materials meet affectionate, thoughtful Design, which will conjure cats and their owners a smile in the face. We use plush made of 100% organic cotton and all articles have been tested by TÜV Thüringen.

Since every room tiger has its own head, TIGER CAT has just the right thing for every character: something to cuddle or play actively, something for the head and of course for snoozing and dozing. The TIGER CAT range includes everything a cat's heart desires, from a cat bed to toys.

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TigerCat Handschuh Pommel
TigerCat Play glove
Play glove Pommel by TigerCat With the glove you wake the tiger in your cat! A fun game for humans and animals. On the extended fingers there are different play figures, like a small mouse from 100% organic cotton, a fish with crackling...
15.90CHF *
Spielhaus Carly
Playhouse Charly
TigerCat playhouse Carly The innovative TiegerCat playhouse Carly addresses your cat's natural need for physical activity and mental challenge. The little play mouse made of 100% organic cotton can be grabbed well by your cat thanks to...
25.90CHF *
Katzenbett Lux
Tiger Cat Cat Bed Lux
The cat bed Lux by TigerCat The cat bed Lux offers your cat pure luxury, because it invites you to extensive treteln, napping and dozing. The lying surface made of 100% organic cotton and the filling of EPS micro beads offer lying...
89.00CHF *
Tigercat Katzenhöhle Maxi
Cat Cave Maxi
TigerCat Cat Cave Maxi Cats need your retreat to feel good. With the comfortable and practical Maxi Cave by Tigercat, you can offer your baby tiger a cozy and cuddly sleeping space. The removable pillow has a cuddly warm side made of...
69.00CHF *
TigerCat Katz und Maus
Tiger Cat play set cat and mouse
Cat and mouse play set TigerCat With the funny Tiger Cat play set Katz & Maus the name is program: the cute plush kitten can be filled with catnip, which additionally stimulates the play instinct. The little mouse made of 100% organic...
14.90CHF *
TigerCat Wippe Wini
TigerCat seesaw Winni
Winni seesaw for cats from TigerCat The Winni seesaw addresses your cat's natural need for physical activity and mental challenge. A Leo-look ball (included) with bells inside animates in addition to playing. Thanks to the fun rocking...
22.90CHF *
TigerCat cat bed Minka
TigerCat cat bed Minka
Cat bed Minka by TigerCat Cats love to rest in different places, to doze and to dream of new adventures. The lovingly designed cat bed Minka by Tiger Cat, in the form of a cat's head, offers your baby tiger a comfortable and cuddly...
55.00CHF *
Katzenkissen Schnurri
TigerCat cuddly pillow Schnurri
Cuddly pillow Schnurri by TigerCat With the Tiger Cat cuddle pillow Schnurri 100% organic cotton may be cuddled to your heart's content. Your cat will love it even more if you fill it with catnip. Catnip promotes the play instinct and...
13.90CHF *
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