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Ablaichkegel JBL
Spawning cone for discus fish
Spawning cone Female fish like to lay their eggs on a rough and slightly slanted surface. Once laid, the eggs stick well on this surface. The spawning cone consists of stable plastic material which makes it unbreakable. Advantages of...
12.90CHF *
JBL Protemp Aussenheizer e300
JBL ProTemp External heater
JBL PROTEMP - External heater for freshwater aquariums In-line heater integrated into the hose of the external aquarium filter, removing the need for a heater INSIDE an Aquarium Easy installation: cut through the hose from the external...
From 59.90CHF *
JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12W
JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12W
JBL Reptil LED Daylight 12 Watt JBL Reptil LED Daylight - Vollspektrum Tageslicht Terrarien Lampe Mit der Vollspektrum-Tageslichtlampe können Sie Ihr Terrarium effektiv und naturgetreu Ausleuchten. Die sonnen gleiche Lichttemperatur von...
24.90CHF *
JBL SilikatEX rapid
JBL SilicateEX rapid 400g
SilicateEx rapid from JBL 400g The SilicateEx rapid prevents diatoms and removes silicate and phosphate. Filter granules for quick and effective removal of silicate Absorbs unwanted diatoms (brown deposits) the food base Control by JBL...
37.50CHF *
ProFlora m2003 CO2 plant fertilizer plant
ProFlora m2003 CO2 plant fertilizer plant
JBL ProFlora CO2 plant fertilizer plant with pH computer m2003 CO2 plant fertilizer (2kg reusable) with pH-computer Co2 fertilizer system with pH control for optimal supply of plants in freshwater aquaria up to 1000L refillable 2kg...
759.00CHF *
Aqua ex Bodenreiniger
JBL Floor Cleaner Aqua Ex 10-35cm
Floor cleaner (Mulmglocke) for 10-35 cm water level Ideal for nano-aquariums and other small aquariums. With removable intake grille to protect shrimp and other small animals. Application: Hold the floor cleaner in the water, suck in...
18.20CHF *
JBL ProFlora Adapt u-m - Umrüstadapter
JBL ProFlora Adapt u-m - Conversion adapter
Conversion adapter for the change over from disposable to refillable cylinder system Problem-free change over from disposable to refillable cylinders Quick and easy installation: screw adapter onto pressure reducer, finished! The...
21.20CHF *
JBL Led Solar Natur
Led Solar Nature JBL
JBL LED SOLAR NATURE High performance LED light for freshwater aquariums A perfect light for your fish, invertebrates and aquarium plants, because the warm white and cold white LEDs are evenly distributed in the light panel. Maximum...
From 144.00CHF *
JBL- LED Solar Effect
LED Sun Effect
JBL LED special light Solar Effect LED effect light as a supplement to the JBL LED Solar Nature If you want to set special lighting effects such as colored light, red sunrise and sunset, deep blue water or Gwiter in addition to your...
From 119.00CHF *
LED Solar Controll WiFi
LED Solar Control WiFi
LED WiFi Controll by JBL With the remote control included in the JBL LED SOLAR Natur you have the possibility to gradually dim the light and choose from three color temperatures. As soon as you complete your JBL LED SOLAR Natur (ideally...
269.00CHF *
JBL Detoxol
JBL Detoxol - Instant detoxifier for healthy...
JBL Detoxol - Instant detoxifier for healthy aquarium water Removes toxic substances, such as ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2), chloride and chloramine IMMEDIATELY from freshwater and marine water Extremely rapid action: toxic substances are...
From 7.50CHF *
JBL Ferropol Root
JBL Ferropol Root 14g - Fertiliser tablets
JBL Ferropol Root - Fertiliser tablets for strong plant roots in the aquarium Concentrated iron and minerals stored in tablet form to promote the root development of aquarium plants Press one tablet per month deep into to the root area...
10.90CHF *
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