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Trixie salt licking stone 60g
Trixie salt licking stone 60g
Trixie salt licking stone Sole feed for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, chinchillas and degus The Himalaya salt licking stone provides your animal with important minerals and trace elements. Due to hand selection only...
2.60CHF *
Heat Cushion microwave
Heat Cushion microwave
trixie Heat Cushion for microwave for dogs, cats and rodents particularly recommended on cold days in the car or at home also suitable for young animals or older and sick animals stores heat for up to 8 hours simply heat in the microwave...
From 17.50CHF *
Small animal grass 100g
Small animal grass from Trixie 100g The small animal grass is made from a special mixture and is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, rats and hamsters. The special mixture consists of oats, wheat and barley, so it is also ideal for...
2.90CHF *
Futterhaus Villa von Trixie
Feed house villa for wild birds
Feeding house Villa of Trixie for wild birds Ideal feeding house of Trixie for wild birds in winter. The bird feeder is very sturdy and stable because it is made of coated metal, so it is ideal for outdoors when winter is hard and wild...
37.50CHF *
Trixie Tannenzapfen
Food dispenser Pine cones
Trixie feed dispenser pine cones 19 × 23 × 19 cm Trixie food dispenser with optic pine cones is ideal for wild birds. The pine cone is made of a polyester resin and is therefore very stable and robust. The feed dispenser by Trixie is...
31.20CHF *
Futterspender Eichel von Trixie
Feed dispenser acorn
Food dispenser Acorn by Trixie The feed dispenser Trixie is ideal for wild birds. Thanks to the removable lid, the glans is easy to fill. The oak of Trixie is made of a very stable and sturdy material, you can easily leave the feed...
16.20CHF *
Vogeltränke von Trixie
Bird bath from Trixie
Bird bath by Trixie (also suitable for food) The bird bath is ideal for wild bird species that like bathing, eating and drinking in addition, the bird bath is made of metal and therefore very robust and stable. You can attach the bird...
19.90CHF *
Trixie Meisenknödelhalter
titmouse dumpling holder rod barre
Tit dumpling holder from Trixie The tit dumpling holder from Trixie can also be used for fruit. It is ideal for outdoor use, as it is made of powder-coated metal and can also be wintered outside. The titmouse dumpling holder can be...
4.40CHF *
Scratch cardboard with extra fun
Scratch cardboard with extra fun
Scratch boards with wooden frame and extra fun Your Cat has extra fun with this Scratch Cardboard from Trixie! Around the scratching possibility a ball game was constructed, which will awaken the hunting instinct of her cat. Through the...
24.90CHF *
PREMIO Advent Calendar for Dogs
PREMIO Advent Calendar for Dogs
filled with various delicacies made of premium quality ingredients with high meat content
13.50CHF *
Trixie Advent Calendar cats
Trixie Advent Calendar cats
Weihnachtsmarkt (Xmas) - Trixie Adventskalender Katzen Dieser Kalender wurde 24 x mit kleinen Überraschungen befüllt.
9.90CHF *
Christmas Market - Xmas - Trixie Advent Calendar Dogs
Christmas Market - Xmas - Trixie Advent...
Weihnachtsmarkt Xmas - Trixie Adventskalender Hunde Dieser Kalender wurde 24 x mit kleinen Überraschungen befüllt. Format: 30 × 34 × 3 cm
9.90CHF *
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