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Life jacket
Life jacket for dogs Most dogs are known to be excellent swimmers, but it does not hurt to make the dogs a little lighter. This life jacket in blue is outstanding in the water and the integrated cushion gives the chin lift and supports...
From 41.50CHF *
Dog tent
Dog tent for dogs What is more beautiful than sitting at the camp fire at the end of the day and looking into the stars? Now your dog can finally be there and share this moment with you and then dream of new adventures in his own tent....
43.90CHF *
Beach tent
Beach tent for dogs So that the beach trip for everyone in beautiful memory and does not end with a sunglasses, protect your dog best with this beach tent. Characteristics Two open sides and two side panels with zip fasteners Practical...
30.50CHF *
Rucksack für Hunde
Backpack for dogs from Alcott
Backpack for dogs (dog pack) Be and your dog well equipped for a unique adventure thanks to this backpack for dogs. The dog pack offers four generous compartments (one of them insulated), comfortable cushions, a breathable deck net,...
From 37.00CHF *
Plantschbecken für Hunde
Splashing pool for dogs
Cool Splashing pool for dogs Nothing excites dogs more than bathing fun in a dog pool. The splashing pool is made of extra-thick and resistant PVC, so that your dog can really run off. The pool is naturally easy to fold up and provides...
59.00CHF *
Kotbeutelhalter für Hundeleinen
Waste Bag Holder for Dog Leashes
Dog Waste Bag Holder for Dog Leashes in black The dog waste bag holder for dog leashes can be easily attached to any dog leash or handle of a dog roll leashes. Pull the knot of the used waste bag through the rubber cross and you no...
6.50CHF *
Dog sunglasses
Dog sunglasses for dogs On the way outside in summer, we often see and feel better with sunglasses. And these are now also available for our dogs, including UV protection. The Traveler UV glasses are shock-resistant and have adjustable...
From 19.90CHF *
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