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Easy-Life Nitro
Easy-Life Nitro
Nitro Makro from Easy-Life Easy-Life Nitro and Easy-Life Fosfo are used to compensate for a deficiency of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), respectively. A deficiency of these macronutrients immediately leads to faltering growth or even...
7.50CHF *
Easy Life Mikronährstoff Fosfo
Easy Life Fosfo Macro Nutrient
Fosfo Macro Nutrient from Easy Life Essential macronutrient For aquariums In 2 different sizes Easy Life Fasfo is an indispensable macronutrient. Easy Life Nitro and Easy Life Fosfo are used to eliminate nitrogen or phosphorus...
From 7.50CHF *
Easy Life Aqua Maker
EasyLife AquaMaker - Conditioner
AquaMaker is a powerful, fast-working water conditioner. It makes aggressive tap water immediately suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. AquaMaker can also be used in reef aquariums and garden ponds. It is absolutely safe for...
From 5.90CHF *
Easy Life Root Strips 25 Stück
Easy Life Root Strips 25 pieces
Root Sticks from Easy Life 25pcs. 1 stick is sufficient for 15 cm2 floor surface. Does not cause additional water pollution. If the soil layer is very narrow or the plant roots are small, the rods can easily be broken into smaller...
9.90CHF *
Easy Life Catappa-X sea almond tree leaves liquid
Easy Life Catappa-X sea almond tree leaves liquid
Easy Life Catappa-X - liquid form of sea almond tree leaves The leaves of the sea almond tree are known for their healing effect on fish and shrimp diseases. Reduce germ pressure (fewer pathogens) prevent fungal infections promote...
From 5.90CHF *
EasyLife Blue-exit
Blue Exit EasyLife Algae Removal
Blue Exit from Easy Life The Blue Exit effectively combats blue-green algae, mucus and smear algae in freshwater aquariums. If you use Blue Exit it is harmless for fish, shrimps and plants. Blue-green algae are often caused by infection,...
From 9.90CHF *
EasyLife Algexit
AlgExit Algae Removal
AlgExit from Easylife AlgExit from Easy Life reliably works against green algae, beard, brush and wire algae. The Algexit is harmless for fish, shrimps and other plants. The application is easy and soon shows the first results: Simply...
From 9.90CHF *
EasyLife Voogle
Easy Life Voogle disease prevention
Voogle from Easy Life Voogel by Easylife is a very original product that supports the health of fish and strengthens the immune system. Voogle reduces the use of antibiotics to a minimum. The immune system of the fish is stimulated with...
From 11.90CHF *
EasyLife Filtermedium
Easy Life liquid filter medium
Liquid filter medium from Easy Life The liquid filter medium is a versatile product, it can produce clear water and it is used as a water conditioner, it is also an effective solvent for a wide range of problems in fresh and sea water....
From 4.90CHF *
Easy Life Easystart
Easy Start from Easy Life Easy Start is a filter starter. The Easy Starter helps the aquarium to clean the water quickly and to get more stable values so that it is suitable for fish. Easy Start is a combination of highly active bacteria...
From 5.90CHF *
EasyLife Profito
Easy Life Profito - Plant fertilizer
Profito plant fertilizer from Easy Life Easy Life's plant fertilizer allows plants to grow stronger and faster, colouring them more intensely than ever before. The composition of this universal fertilizer is so strong that a healthy and...
From 5.90CHF *
Easy Life Carbo Carbon Fertilizer
Easy Carbo Carbon Fertilizer from Easy Life The Easy Life Carbo is a liquid carbon fertilizer that provides a very powerful and efficient carbon source for aquarium plants. The algae in your aquarium have no more chance thanks to the...
From 5.90CHF *
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