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Eric Schweizer products for pets from the pet shop Zoo Roco AG

Through optimal quality of raw materials and gentle processing, Eric Schweizer Samen AG guarantees high quality products. The best for every pet!

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Flips horse lung from Schweizer
Flips horse lung from Schweizer
Schweizer Flips horse lung 200g Dogs love lungs in general, horses love lungs in particular for sensitive quadrupeds. Composition: Horse lung Nutritional information: 76.40 % raw protein, 7.10 % fat, 4.1 % raw ash
9.90CHF *
Pferde Lauscherli
Horse Ear from Schweizer
Schweizer Horse Ear 5 Pieces A real chewing pleasure for gourmets! Also suitable for sensitive dogs. Composition: horse ear Nutritional information: 79.40 % raw protein, 5.70 % fat content, 8.1 % raw ash
16.50CHF *
Horse Snack
Horse Snack from Schweizer
Schweizer Horse Snack 100g Horse Snack is made of horse meat strips and is an extremely tasty delicacy for your four-legged friend. Composition: Horse meat Nutritional information: 82.00 % raw protein, 7.10 % fat content, 4.1 % raw ash
7.50CHF *
Horse Tri'Stix
Horse Tri'Stix from Schweizer
Swiss Horse Tri'Stix For sensitive dogs a real nibbling pleasure from horse meat. Composition: horse muscle meat Nutritional information: 71.60 % raw protein, 16.40 % fat, 4.40 % raw ash
12.90CHF *
Horse Sticks
Horse Sticks from Schweizer
Schweizer Horse Sticks Yummy horse-pullers! Chewing pleasure for all dogs, especially suitable for sensitive dogs! Composition: Horse pizzle Nutritional information: 89.20 % raw protein, 3.40 % fat, 1.10 % raw ash Size: 15 cm = 4 pieces...
From 16.90CHF *
Horse Tendon
Horse Tendon from Schweizer
Schweizer Horse Tendon Extremely chew resistant horse tendon. Also very suitable for sensitive dogs. Composition: Horse tendon Nutritional information: 76.30 % raw protein, 6.70 % fat variant: 200g 5kg
From 10.50CHF *
Horse Kau
Horse Kau from Schweizer
Schweizer Horse Kau An easily digestible chewing snack for dogs with a sensitive stomach Composition: horse skin Nutritional information: 70.30 % raw protein, 12.70 % fat, 7.20 % raw ash Packaging size: 350g
18.90CHF *
Horse Filet
Horse Filet from Schweizer
Schweizer Horse Filet 120g Tasty fillet of horse. A fine delicacy for your four-legged friend, also very suitable for sensitive dogs. Composition: horse meat Nutritional information: 77.40 % raw protein, 5.70 % fat, 8.1 % raw ash
7.90CHF *
Eric Schweizer Maxi Plat
Beef scalp Maxi plat 1pc
Beef scalp Maxi plat by Eric Schweizer 1pc. The special, extra hard chewing delicacy made of beef scalp is ideal for larger dogs. Suitable for large dogs beef scalp Analytical components: 78.0 % Crude protein 12.5 % Fat content
From 9.90CHF *
the hedgehog feed house
A protected feeding place for hedgehogs - the hedgehog feed house Hedgehog house made of pine wood covered with bitumen The front entrance is extendable The side entrance is provided with a lock for protection against cats The two...
95.00CHF *
Tripod wooden stand for birdhouses
Swiss bird stand tripod 120cm The three-legged bird stand by Schweizer is ideal for birdhouses. The stand made of spruce is very stable and the legs are hinged, with exchangeable Rondelle attachments for 40mm and 60mm diameter. The...
69.50CHF *
Swiss Chalet Vogelhaus
Birdhouse for wild birds of Swiss
Birdhouse for Wildlife Birds 57 x 55 x 38cm Feeders for birds are an eye-catcher for every garden. They are ideal for wild birds who like to eat and dwell. The Swiss Chalet with different feeding zones allows the birds to eat separately....
399.00CHF *
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