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Catzilla - Assorted colours
Cat toy Catzilla The funny cat toy Catzilla is equipped with Catnip and has a bell inside. The material looks like felt and the seams are visible. The colours are assorted.
8.90CHF *
Natural Bird
AFP Natural Instincts Bird - Cat Toy
Birdy The Birdy line is equipped with five designs, which are supplied assorted. These are replicas of wild birds. With rustling effect and catnip for extra fun
5.80CHF *
AFP Ultrasonic Hundespielzeug Elefant
Ultrasonic dog toy elephant
Dog toy Ultrasonic Elephant The pink elephants are on their way - to the delight of dog and master! The dog toy Ultrasonic Elephant gives your pet the same feeling and joy as the traditional squeaky toy without the annoying noise. Thanks...
14.90CHF *
Katzenspielzeug Pekoowik
Cat toy Pekoowik dream catcher
Cat toy AFP dream catcher Pekoowik The cat toy Pekoowik crackles and is irresistible through all its fringe, feathers and sounds. Gorgeous to bite in, push rum and to grind with. is suitable for your cat That's fun irresistible for your...
7.90CHF *
Little Buddy Plüschschaf mit Herzschlag
Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep
Nothing better to comfort any puppy that the sound of his mother heart beat. Feel like a real heart beat This is the ideal toy for little puppies. A sweet stuffed animal with heartbeat simulator The Heartbeat a calming effect on your...
29.90CHF *
AFP Chill Out Garden Fountain - Wasserspritzbrunnen
AFP Chill Out Garden Fountain
The garden fountain can be use anywhere by just plug it to any garden hose. Your dog will therefore have acces to fresh flowing water just by pushing with its paw. Ideal for the summer season or when dog are left alone in the garden. The...
39.90CHF *
AFP Flying Lobster
AFP Flying Lobster
AFP Flying Lobster- The perfect toy for the water. Spiking the toys for even more fun. With elastic and rubber sole. Throw it away up to 15m. Easy to handle. Also suitable for the water. Length: about 38cm For games in the garden or...
9.90CHF *
AFP Catnip Fun Mat
AFP Catnip Fun Mat
AFP Catnip Fun Mat - Cuddly pillow with catnip. On this mat every cat wants to be. Filled with catnip. With Catnip toys, moored with rubber bands. Gameplay guaranteed. Stable material Size: 32cm x 32cm x 5cm
15.90CHF *
AFP Zinnger Chill Out Flying Shark
AFP Zinnger Chill Out Flying Shark
Zinngers is the perfect toy for outside. With the mechanism of rubber sling , you can throw the toys up to 15 meters . Your dog will love it !
11.90CHF *
AFP Natural Blutterflies Double Pack
AFP Natural Butterflies Double Pack
Toy for cat with catnip. When your cat touch the wings it makes a noise. Funn for you cat with this Butterflies. Wenn Ihre Katze die Flügel berührt, knacken diese.
6.90CHF *
AFP Interactive Culbuto
AFP Interactive Culbuto
AFP Interactive Culbuto - This ultimative exercise stimulator will push your cat to move and exercise therefore reducing his stress. The result is a healthier and happier cat. With its wireless remote control you can activate the toy...
29.90CHF *
AFP Ultrasonic Rave Gator
AFP Ultrasonic Rave Gator
For Ultrasonic Toys the sound is audible only to dogs .
15.90CHF *
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