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Love really does go through the stomach! Curiosity is already growing, the senses are cheering, the
delicious pleasure... Moments that connect forever are all about enjoyment.

GimCat gives you such moments. New every day!

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GimCat Crispy Bits Anti Hairball 40g
GimCat Crispy Bits Anti Hairball 40g
GimCat Crispy Bits Anti-Hairball Crispy Bits Anti-Hairball contains delicious grass and elm bark to help swallowed hair pass through your cat’s body and improve its well-being. No sugar added. lactose free high fiber without added sugar...
1.95CHF *
Anti-Hairball Tabs
Anti-Hairball Tabs 40g
GimCat Anti-Hairball Tabs 40g GimCat Anti-Hairball Tabs contain aromatic malt extract, elm bark and important fiber, which promote the natural loss of swallowed hair. Elm bark has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the mucous...
2.20CHF *
GimCat Cat-Milk
GimCat Cat-Milk
GimCat Cat-Milk for cats GimCat Cat-Milk is modeled after the natural mother milk. GimCat Cat-Milk contains the taurine essential for the eyesight and a healthy heart. Due to the species-specific composition, GimCat Cat-Milk is suitable...
11.90CHF *
GimCat Denta-Kiss
GimCat Denta-Kiss
GimCat Denta-Kiss for cats The cleansing effect of Denta-Kiss unfolds in the cat-like upward and downward movement of the cheeks. Denta-Kiss is produced without sugar, is rich in fiber and supports the dietary requirements in many...
2.20CHF *
GimCat Superfood Immunity Duo-Paste mit Lebergeschmack und Waldbeeren
GimCat Superfood Duo-Paste
GimCat Superfood Duo paste for cats GimCat Superfood Duo pastes in three different versions: GimCat Superfood Skin & Coat Duo paste with chicken flavor and papaya Perfect combination of chicken and healthy superfood. Papaya is naturally...
From 4.95CHF * 6.20CHF *
GimCat Anti-Hairball Duo-Paste Hühnchen + Malz
GimCat Anti-Hairball Duo-Paste Chicken + Malt
GimCat Anti-Hairball Duo-Paste Chicken + Malt GimCat Anti-Hairball Duo-Paste is a soothing reward for any cat. The ideal combination of delicious chicken and natural, aromatic malt promotes the natural finish of swallowed hair and makes...
From 5.95CHF *
GimCat Katzentabs
GimCat Cat Tabs
GimCat Cat Tabs for cats GimCat Cat Tabs are special treats made from precious, natural raw materials. The GimCat cat taps are available in different versions: GimCat cat tab with fish Special treats from precious, natural raw materials...
17.90CHF *
GimCat Multi-Vitamin Duo-Paste Thunfisch + 12 Vitamine
GimCat Multi-Vitamin Duo-Paste Tuna + 12 Vitamins
GimCat multi-vitamin duo paste tuna + 12 vitamins for cats GimCat multi-vitamin duo paste is a soothing reward for your cat. The ideal combination of delicious tuna and 12 vital vitamins strengthens the body's defenses and makes the...
5.95CHF *
GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks mit Hühnchen & Waldbeerengeschmack
GimCat Superfood Duo Sticks
GimCat Superfood Duo Sticks for cats GimCat Superfood Duo sticks in three different versions: GimCat Superfood duo sticks with salmon & mango flavor Perfect combination of salmon and healthy superfood. Mango is naturally rich in...
From 1.10CHF * 1.40CHF *
GimCat Beauty-Paste
GimCat Beauty Paste
GimCat Beauty Paste for cats GimCat beauty paste has a positive effect on the skin and skin metabolism, prevents deficiency symptoms and regulates existing biotin and zinc under-supply. So you lay the foundation for a visibly shiny and...
5.95CHF *
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits
GimCat GrasBits for cats Grass bits are special treats with a high content of grass. Grass is a supplier of important nutrients and active ingredients such as amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. As a natural source of...
2.20CHF *
GimCat MilkBits
GimCat MilkBits
GimCat MilkBits for cats GimCat MilkBits contient beaucoup de lait précieux et est le jeu de jeu et de nourriture. Laissez MilkBits rouler simplement sur le sol. La performance naturelle de votre chat est réveillée. Le précieux TGOS *...
2.20CHF *
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