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In our aquarium shop / aquarium store for fish food (fish feed) / aquarium food (aquarium feed) you find different fish food (fish feed) such as koi food (koi feed), frozen food (frozen feed), live food (live feed), catfish food (catfish feed), cichlid food (cichlid feed), shrim food (shrimp feed), rearing food (rearing feed), etc.

Each species of fish has its own requirements for a healthy and balanced diet, and not every food and not every form of food is suitable for every species. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly what the needs of the inhabitants of your aquarium are and which food is accepted by which aquarium inhabitant in which form and is also healthy for them. Otherwise, you run the risk of the food being left lying around or damaging the animal, and the water quality suffering as a result, i.e. you will be forced to change the water.

For example, if you feed an adult mbuna cichlid from Lake Malawi with the right mbuna food, this does not mean that it is the right diet or the right form for it. If you feed too small a flake food, the mbuna perch will not pay attention to the food, depending on its size. If you feed granules, chips or tablets, the animal will take the food, but it is anything but healthy for its gastrointestinal tract.

In our online shop, the food for feeding fish is therefore divided into different areas for the sake of clarity, so that you can find what you are looking for more quickly:

  • Frozen food
  • Live food
  • Flake food
  • Granules
  • Chrisps
  • Tablets
  • Catfish food
  • Cichlid food
  • Shrimp food
  • Special food
  • Breeding food
  • Holiday fish food
  • Artemia
  • Vitamins

Browse through our large selection of fish food for aquarium fish from well-known manufacturers in various forms.

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