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Sera aquatan with the new sera Bio-Protect Formula prepares lead water immediately for fish-rich freshwater and seawater.

The fish are visibly more comfortable in the natural, healthy, clear water. This makes aquarium care less work and fun.

Water is not an appropriate source of life for organisms living in the aquarium. Additives that make tap water water usable for human beings, hurt fish and microorganisms in the aquarium.

Sera aquatan with the new Bio-Protect Formula removes the pollutants reliably and is now still providing fish and plant-related water for fresh water and plant maintenance. This significantly improves the living conditions for fish, plants and microorganisms in the aquarium. The fishes shine in their most beautiful colors. The aquarium care makes little work.

The sera Bio-Protect Formula is a healthier, more fish-friendly aquarium water

  • Trouble-free fish transport thanks to the pH-neutral sera Formula
  • Immediate removal of aggressive chlorine
  • Immediate bonding of heavy metals
  • Splendid colors and vitality due to iodine
  • Protection of mucous membranes and gills by means of anti-colloid colloids
  • Does not change the pH even when overdosing
  • Enzyme activation by magnesium for healthy fish growth
  • Less stress and support of the nervous system by vitamin B

Rapid lowering of the pH, e.g. During fish transport and water changes, can lead to the decay of the upper skin and gill bleeding.

Sera aquatan with the pH-neutral formula does not change the pH even when overdosing and ensures, among other things, a problem-free fish transport!

Chlorine is usually fatal for fish at a content of 0.1 mg / l or more. The gills of the fishes are attacked and destroyed.

Sera aquatan eliminates chlorine immediately!

Heavy metal ions, e.g. Copper cause an increased mucus secretion and destroy the gills.

Sera aquatan binds heavy metal ions immediately and permanently!

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