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Product information "Bioflow - Juwel Internal Filter"

Bioflow Super - is the perfect internal filter for entry-level aquariums of up to 150 l

The JUWEL Bioflow Super is the perfect internal filter for entry-level aquariums of up to 150 litres in volume, providing you with a great many advantages. The Bioflow Super works on the principle that "The water should stay in the aquarium!" and is the safest way of filtering the water in your aquarium. The Bioflow Super works without hose connections which can cause leakage, also reducing pump output due to friction.

This filter system stands out from the crowd with its large filter volume, which provides room for excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtering. Unlike other filters, particularly external filters, the Bioflow Super can be cleaned in just a few minutes.

The bipolar current principle makes it possible to achieve different flow velocities in the JUWEL Bioflow Super. For mechanical and chemical filtering in the upper part of the filter, a relatively fast flow velocity is particularly useful. A slower flow velocity, on the other hand, is useful in the lower part of the filter, to ensure optimum development of anaerobic bacteria, which are vital for biological filtering.
Bioflow Filters are also compatible for use with JUWEL heaters, which are perfectly embedded in the water circulation, ensuring an even distribution of heat through all areas of your aquarium.

Each Bioflow Super comes fitted with four high-performance filter media:
The filter floss catches coarse particles of dirt in the water, thereby serving as a mechanical pre-filter.

  • The active charcoal filter absorbs odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds, leaving you with crystal-clear water. In this way, it acts as a chemical filter.
  • Nitrax is a biological filter medium and contains specialist micro-organisms to break down poisonous metabolites (Ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing the danger of fish mortality. What's more, Nitrax reduces the growth of algae by an aerobically breaking down nitrates, thus supporting the vitality of your fish.
  • The fine filter sponges are used mainly for biological filtering in the anaerobic zone.

The use of special filter cages makes it easy to remove and clean the filter media.

  • Juwel Innenfilter Bioflow Super  400l/h
  • Juwel Innenfilter Bioflow 3.0  600l/h
  • Juwel Innenfilter Bioflow 6.0   1000l/h
  • Juwel Innenfilter Bioflow 8.0   1000l/h


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Juwel Nitrax
Nitrax the algae reduces and promotes vitality of your fish JUWEL Nitrax reduces nitrate levels in your aquarium, leading to a considerable reduction in algae growth. Nitrax is a biological filter on the containing specialist microorganisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium, thus reducing the danger of fish mortality. Nitrax also reduces algae growth by anaerobically breaking down nitrate, thus supporting the vitality of your fish. Characteristics of JUWEL Nitrax Reduces nitrate Promotes plant growth Increases the vitality of your fish Purely biologically active  


Juwel Phorax
Reduced algae growth and improvement of plant growth - Phorax helps! JUWEL Phorax is a highly effective filter medium used to break down phosphates in your aquarium. This effectively reduces the growth of algae and can contribute to improved plant growth. Phosphate regularly gets into aquariums through fish food and are naturally very unlikely to be broken down. However, plants need only tiny quantities of phosphate for their natural growth (fresh water: 0.05 mg/l, saltwater 0.01 mg/l). Too much phosphate can, in some cases, trigger prolific algae growth. Phorax consists of an aluminium mineral which binds dissolved phosphate by creating a water-insoluble aluminium phosphate and removing it from the water. This makes JUWEL Phorax highly effective, binding up to 12 mg of phosphate per gram of Phorax. Characteristics of JUWEL Phorax Reduces phosphate Slows down algae growth Promotes plant growth Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums  


Ecco Skim Sureface Skimmer
JUWEL EccoSkim is the compact and energy-saving surface skimmer for all aquariums infinitely variable up to 300l/h works with an independent pump (4 Watt) conducts the residues on the surface directly into the Juwel internal filter increases the oxygen saturation in the water removes the mold skin on the water surface Thanks to the matching suction mount, the EccoSkim is also suitable for use in all common glass aquariums Size: 8 × 3,5 × 17,5 cm Assembly in a jewel aquarium: The JUWEL EccoSkim can be installed in all JUWEL aquariums of the models Rio, Lido, Vision, Trigon and Primo 110. Assemble the JUWEL EccoSkim according to instructions. Hang the JUWEL EccoSkim in the slots of the JUWEL filter system Fully open the flow control tube. Connect the pump to the mains.


Juwel Carbon Sponge
Carbon Sponge for Juwel internal filter Carbon Sponge for Juwel internal filter JUWEL Carbon Sponges absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds in your aquarium, leaving the water crystal clear. The fact that active charcoal in the form of a sponge is used guarantees  even flow conditions for the filter medium, creating a very large and therefore highly effective surface. Due to these characteristics JUWEL charcoal filters are also perfect for filtering out residual medication after treating your fish. Characteristics: Absorbs odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds Ensures crystal-clear water Filters out residual medication Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums 2 charcoal sponge filters per pack  


Juwel Cirax
Filter media and clear water - Cirax Bioflow ensures a balanced climate JUWEL Cirax are highly porous ceramic-based pellets which, due to their extremely large surface area, create the perfect environment fulfilled the bacteria. In your JUWEL filter, Cirax helps to ensure excellent water quality. Using a special basket, tailored to the size of your JUWEL filter, makes it easy to use, whilst the optimised filling quantity means a long service life of up to a year. Characteristics of JUWEL Cirax: Excellent water quality due to effective biological cleaning Extremely large surface area due to highly porous filter material Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums    


Juwel BioPad
BioPad for Juwel internal filter BioPad for Juwel internal filter JUWEL Poly pad is used to catch coarse particles of dirt in the water. As a mechanical pre-filter, it protects the filter from rapid soiling and means that you don't have to clean the other filter media as often. The filter floss consists of fine, residue-free polyester material and is suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Characteristics of JUWEL Poly pad: Serves as a mechanical pre-filter Protects other filter media from rapid soiling Made of residue-free polyester material Suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater aquariums 5 filter flosses in each package  

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