Dogs vaccination schedule


  First vaccination at the age of: Second vaccination at the age of: Revaccination
Distemper / Viral disease
2 months 3 months every 2 years
Hepatitis 2 months
3 months every 2 years
Leptospirose 2 months 3 months annually
(Kennel cough)
2 months 3 month annually
2-4 month 4 month annually
Canine madness
must not be vaccinated since Switzerland is canine madness free

Prerequisite for vaccination:

Only clinically healthy animals can be vaccinated.

Your veterinarian checks the health of your pet at the vaccination.

Also, any existing parasites must be absolutely eliminated before!
Your dog should be dewormed about 14 days prior to vaccination.

For questions and problems, please contact our trained team at the Zoo Roco store. It can offer professional advice on all issues.

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