Cat food


Appropriate nutrition:

Cats are not pure meat, but prey eaters.

In nature, they eat their prey with skin and hair, flesh, blood, bones and the digestive tract, which contains herbal ingredients. Improper diet can lead to the development and growth disorders.

However, for the cat owner it is not easy to make the correct, balanced mix of nutrients himself.

Therefore, the safest way to feed the cat properly is to make use of finished food brands. These are developed by experts and contain everything your pet needs; and indeed in the correct ratio.

Table scraps and human, spicy food is not suitable as cat food.

Canned food
contains everything the cat needs to stay healthy; protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
Dry food
is also a complete food that is offered in different flavors. The difference with the canned food is in the water withdrawal. Therefore, always fresh water needs to be offered to the cat beside the dry food.
Supplementary food
comes in different shapes and flavors. It makes the cat’s menu plan more varied and serves as a reward snack or as a dessert.
Cat grass or Maltsoft Cats need greens in order to vomit swallowed hair during grooming. Indoor cats eat with fondness houseplants when they have no cat grass available. But a number of our indoor plants are toxic to the cat and pose great danger for them. Accustom your cat from the beginning to the particular cat grass. An alternative is the malt paste. It causes by it composition, that the swallowed hair do not clump and instead are being excreted in the feces.
Drinking The best drink is water. Many cats like milk and tolerate it well, others get diarrhea. Blame the milk sugar and not as expected the fat in the milk. An alternative is the cat milk, which is available in tetra packs or vials.

Tips for feeding:

Number of feedings / day Young kittens are fed several times a day. An adult cat gets two meals, best always at the same time of the day.
Amount of food Per kilo of body weight an adult cat needs about 300 kJoule. Compound feeds include already the correct amounts in the instructions.
Food temperature
The food should not be fed directly from the refrigerator but served lukewarm.
Uneaten food
Immediately after the cat has eaten, remove uneaten food and wash the cups with hot water.
Food place As feeding place choose a quiet corner, which is easy to clean.
After the meal After eating leave the cat best alone. It needs now a digestive nap.
Mouser Even cats that catch mice should be fed regularly.

For questions and problems, please contact our trained team at the Zoo Roco store. It can offer professional advice on all issues.

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