Cats basic equipment


Once you have decided to buy a cat, you need different accessories.

Food and water bowl The bowls should be as heavy as possible and steadfast, best are glazed earthenware or porcelain. A anti-slip plastic bowl fulfills its purpose. Since cats are often not mindful when eating, you should put the bowls on a pad..
Cat basket A textile cave or a basket, in which the cat can retreat to rest and sleep.
Cat litter box The litter box is essential, even if your cat can go outside, unless it lives in the country and does its business in principle outside. There are different versions, with cover, without cover, with filter, with or without flap entry. A plastic toilet with rim is practical since not a lot of cat litter can fall out when scraping around. An alternative to this is a closed litter box, which is however not accepted equally by all cats.
Cat litter / cat sand
Cat litter / cat sand comes in different variants, We are happy to help!
Cats toilets deposits    They facilitate the cleaining of the litter box.
Odor spray Neutralizes the smell of the toilet and disinfected at the same time.
Cat tree You should also provide your cat a cat tree. The cat jumb around on it, sharpen its claws and sleep on it. You can also protect your furniture where the cat would otherwise sharpen its claws.
Combs and brushes
For grooming you require a comb and brush. Short-haired cats only need to be brushed at the time of moulting, so they do not swallow too many dead hear. Long-haired cats on the other hand need regular grooming, otherwise the hair mat and combing becomes to a cruelty. If cats are accustomed to this procedure from their very small beginning, it is an extra portion stroking for them.
Cat toys The offerings range from plush mice in all variations to balls, until to plums, bells and what else a cats heart desires.
Transport basket Used when going to the vet. Best suited are those transport baskets that can be opened at the top since these are easier to take a deranged cat out.

For questions and problems, please contact our trained team at the Zoo Roco store. It can offer professional advice on all issues.

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