Cats acquisition


Consideration for the acquisition:

  • A cat can become up to 20 years old. You are responsible for the cat so long.
  • Cats need time. The house cat needs to be fed daily. Also time for cuddling, playing and stroking must be given. For long-haired cats, time for daily grooming must be scheduled.
  • A cat owner may not be sensitive when it comes to cleanliness of housing and clothes. Cat hair everywhere in the apartment cannot be avoided.
  • Cat ownership costs a lot of money year after year.
  • All family members should agree with the keeping of a cat.

Only when all these things are aware to you, you should buy a cat. Impulse purchases should not be made.


Where do you buy a cat?

  • Breed cats from breeders (with pedigree)
  • Breed cats from private hobby breeders (without pedigree)
  • Domestic cats are usually offered by private
  • At the animal shelter - please look in the animal shelters. There are many stray cats that wait for a good home


Cats are not loners. If you are working or are not often at home, you should buy two cats.


Before you choose a cat, make sure you have read appropriate specialized books.

For each animal husbandry the following applies: children must be taught, supervised and controlled by the parents. Children need to learn that an animal has its own needs and lifestyles and has to respect this. Parents should be aware that they are the ones who have the responsibility for the animal.


For questions and problems, please contact our trained team at the Zoo Roco store. It can offer professional advice on all issues.

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