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GU Book - Aquarium fun for kids

Many great observation tips and explanations about the behavior of the fish make children feel like having their own aquarium and make it easier for them to get into the aquarium.

In exciting and vividly structured chapters, the hobby aquarium with this animal guide is made palatable to children. The fish expert Ingo Koslowski prepares only the theoretical background before it goes into practice. A pool, a little technology and you're ready to go. The educated pedagogue answers all important questions: What is the basic equipment? How and which plants do I choose? Which fish swim in which basin? Which species go well together? How is it to keep up with the care? In addition, a whole chapter is dedicated to the behavior of the fish. Small experiments invite you to find out more about the animals and their behavior. Colorful guppies, bright neon fish and filigree shrimps make you want to have your own aquarium.

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