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Zwergnase BIO Vitalitätshelfer
Zwergnase BIO Vitality-helper
Vitality-helper for dogs and cats. Good for skin and coat. gluten free easily digestible ideal after physical exertion (illness, performance, lactation) energy-giving cleaning can help inhibit tumor growth. Supports naturally with Omega...
From 30.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Gelenkfit vegan
Zwergnase BIO Joints-Fit vegan
Joints-Fit for a health-promoting effect. For dogs and cats. Alleviating arthritis strengthen immune defenses more Joy Motion Good for arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendon injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. sizes: 60g 150g For...
From 35.00CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Durchfallbremser
Zwergnase BIO Diarrhea Stopper
Soothe quick and easy the intestines. Suitable during and after acute diarrhea. Soothes the gastrointestinal tract. Fungi, viruses and bacteria are blocked. Immune system is strengthened and supplied with minerals. 100% natural We...
From 31.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Wurmvertreiber Vollmond
Zwergnase BIO Worm distributor full moon
The world's first organic Full Moon worming. Natural fight annoying worm infestation. Repeat 7-day treatment after 3 weeks. Contents sufficient for 2 applications. Size: 70g 140g For orientation: 140g sufficient for administration twice...
From 35.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Immunprotz
Zwergnase BIO Immunprotz
For a strong immune system. With a lot of vitamin A, C, B12, K, zinc, selenium, biotin and iodine. supports defenses promote healing natural mineralization Task of the immune system: Weakening of the body (bacteria, viruses, parasites...
From 31.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Zahnverzauberer Saison Kokos Pur 200g
Zwergnase BIO Zahnverzauberer Season Kokos Pur...
Delicious care snacks for dogs. For a natural teeth and oral hygiene. The "Tooth-Enchanter" bring your dog a lot of advantages: gluten Free sugar Free lactose Free carb Free With 100% organic coconut meat. Anaylse: Crude protein 20.6%...
15.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Scheinträchtigkeitlotse
Zwergnase BIO Impairability controller
Supplementary feed for female Dogs. Regulate hormones. can inhibit swelling of the mammary glands. can stabilize behavior changes. can prevent a uterine infection. Tip: Provide your dog during this time a lot of exercise and a versatile...
From 30.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Welpenfröhlich
Zwergnase BIO Cheerful Puppy
For a good start in life. Support for growing puppies. supports metabolism supports joints supports immune system supports growth supports vitality With a lot of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, biotin, B12, trace elements, minerals,...
From 30.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Nierenschoner
Zwergnase BIO Kidney Protector
Supports kidney function. For dogs with renal insufficiency. protects the kidney. stimulates blood formation. prevents inflammation. strengthens the heart. Size: 48g 100 g For orientation: 48g enough for a 4 weeks of application of the...
From 31.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Stressdompteur
Zwergnase BIO Stress dompteur
Relieve of stress responses. For dogs and cats. Travel afraid Silvester, tournament, visits to the doctor. supported with magnesium supported with B-vitamins strengthens the function of neurotransmitters sizes: 42g 120g For orientation:...
From 30.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Seniorenerfrischer
Zwergnase BIO Senior Refresher
Vitalize metabolism of your pet. cover increased nutritional requirement eliminate toxins from the body prevent cancer sizes: 60g 150g For better orientation: 60g are sufficient for two weeks when applying 20kg dog. With Baobab, the...
From 31.90CHF *
Zwergnase BIO Gelenkfit
Zwergnase BIO Joint Support
100% natural joint support. health benefits inhibit cartilage destruction ensure greater Joy Motion offer better quality of life with much vitamin B12, selenium and biotin. Size: 100 g 200 g For better orientation: 100g enough for a 4...
From 43.90CHF *
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