Ruto shellfish chopped blister 100g

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Ruto shellfish chopped blister (100g) Frozen food suitable for: freshwater fish seawater... more
Product information "Ruto shellfish chopped blister 100g"

Ruto shellfish chopped blister (100g)

Frozen food suitable for:

  • freshwater fish
  • seawater fish
  • coldwater fish
  • turtles
  • (especially for lower animals)

Of all mussels available in northern to central European climes, only the mussel (Mytilus edulis) may be of aquaristic importance.
It lines the coasts of the cooler seas and protected fjords - it should be known to anyone who has ever visited the North Sea coast.

By means of their so-called byssus threads, which are produced in a special gland, the mussel adheres to all reasonably stable surfaces, such as e.g. Stones, ropes, groynes, quay walls or on conspecifics.
This is mainly done in the heavily polluted tidal zone, where extensive mussel beds can be found.

Mussels are filter feeders, i. they pump sea-water through the opened shells into their gills with scourging motions. These have a net-like structure to filter out usable microorganisms and phytoplankton. An adult shell creates up to 70 liters of water per day.
Mytilus edulis is rich in iron, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Food tip:
To feed small to medium-sized fish then mussel meat should be cut into mouth-sized pieces and fed directly.
For larger fish, the mussels can be halved, so they also benefit from the algae-containing stomach contents of the mussels.

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