Small Japanese Koi Dictionary


These words you will often encounter in connection with the names of the kois


hi red (only spots)
aka red (the whole fish)
sumi black (only spots)
karasu black (the whole fish)
nezu grey
shiro white
midori green
ki yellow
cha brown
orenji orange
beni dark red
ai deep blue
muji plain-coloured (literally: nothing else)
kin shiny gold (metallic)
gin shiny silver (metallic)


matsuba pinecone-like pattern
bekko tortoiseshell
Rin scale
Girin silver or mirror-like scale
inazuma flash
hikari shiny
utsuri reflective
kuchibeni lipstick
budo grape
moyo signing, pattern
mono type
Tancho red-headed crane
shoku colour


ichi one
ni two
san three
yon four
go five
nidan 2-stage (Nidan-Kohaku)
sandan 3-stage (Sandan-Kohaku)
yondan 4-stage (Yondan-Kohaku)
goshiki 5 colours (Goshiki, spoken Goschiki)
sanke tri-colour
sanshoku tri-colour
Taisho Era from 1912 to 1926
Showa Era from 1926 to 1988
Heisei Era from 1988 until today

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