NanoCube Complete Plus 10 L

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Product information "NanoCube Complete Plus 10 L"

Dive into the nanoworld! With the NanoCube COMPLETE+ Set from Dennerle

The Dennerle Nano Cube allows the hunting almost discover "new" and the set with aquarium including LED lighting is also well suited for beginners.


  • Aquarium ( 20x20x25 cm )
  • Cover panel
  • Scaper's Back - rear panel foil, black
  • Foam underlay
  • Nano corner filter
  • Nano Light 9W
  • Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed, Sulawesi Black
  • Nano DeponitMix nutrient medium
  • Nano thermometer

Plants and decorative items are not included in the set!


Verwendung: Fresh water, Nano basin
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NanoCube - without content
Erlebe die zauberhafte Welt der NanoCubes von Dennerle Nebem dem Komplett Plus Set von Dennerle, bietet Dennerle auch die einzelenen Cubes an. Dennerle NanoCube 10 Liter ( 20x20x25 cm ) Dennerle NanoCube 20 Liter ( 25x25x30 cm ) Dennerle NanoCube 30 Liter ( 30x30x35 cm ) Dennerle NanoCube 60 Liter ( 38x38x43 cm ) Die NanoCubes sind jeweils ausgestattet mit: Abdeckscheibe schwarzer Rückwandfolie Schaumstoffunterlage