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MajorDog dog toys and training products for dogs

The Major Dog dog toys and training products for dogs have been developed in close collaboration with trainers and dog owners. These toys and training products support the playful education of your dog.

All products were designed, tested and revised in a development phase lasting several years until all articles met the quality and functional requirements. The Major Dog toy/training toy is the first TÜV-approved dog toy/training toy on the market. All toys and training articles have been tested by TÜV Thüringen according to children's toy guidelines.

Major Dog products are optimally tailored to the needs of dogs and are characterized by pollutant-free, high-quality and durable materials.

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Beisswurst Ziehmichl
Major Dog Tug Ziehmichl
Tug Ziehmichl MajorDog The Tug Ziehmichl is ideal for exuberant Zerr- and retrieving games between dog and dog owner. The Tug can throw well and is buoyant. Material: 100% polyester, polypropylene Weight: 100 g Size: 390 mm x 85 mm
17.90CHF *
Dummy Schnapp
MajorDog Dummy Snap
Dummy snaps from MajorDog The Dummy Snap was specially developed for the retrieval training with small and medium-sized dog breeds. The dummy is good for dogs findable. The attached rope allows a lot of throws. The dummy snap also fits...
9.50CHF *
MajorDog Snack Wippe
Major Dog Snack seesaw
Snack seesaw for small to medium sized dogs With the snack rocker you can encourage the dog to make a start to get his treats. The snack seesaw is ideal for small to medium sized dogs. The material of the snack rocker is made of natural...
39.90CHF *
Tiger Spielzeug
MajorDog Tiger toy
Tiger Toy by MajorDog The Tiger is a sturdy and fun toy, which can be thrown well by means of the loop. The attached plush animates especially young dogs too much joy in training and thus provides more variety. floats for throwing and...
24.90CHF *
Spielzeug Knochen von MajorDog
MajorDog bone with plush
Plush bone by MajorDog The bone with plush is a particularly robust and durable dog toy that can be thrown well. A squeak inside and a mix of Major Dog material and organic cotton plush animated to play. The "bone with plush" is buoyant....
13.50CHF *
MajorDog Hantel gross
MajorDog dumbbell big
MajorDog Dumbbell big The small Barbell is ideal for retrieval training. The material is very robust and durable. The dumbbell is suitable for medium to large dogs. Material: Naturkautschuk / 100 % Polyester Weight: 900 g Size: 350 mm
35.90CHF *
MajorDog Hantel klein
MajorDog Barbell small
MajorDog Dumbbell small The small Barbell is ideal for retrieval training. The material is very robust and durable. The dumbbell is suitable for small to medium dogs Material: Naturkautschuk / 100 % Polyester Weight: 425g Size: 240mm
24.90CHF *
Flying Felix Major Dog
Flying Felix Major Dog
MajorDog Flying Felix With the Flying Felix you have a good alternative to bigger Frisbees. It is easy to stow, because it is foldable. As an additional fun factor for the dog he has a squeak. Due to the good flight characteristics of...
11.90CHF *
Dummy Raufbold gross
Dummy Raufbold big
MajorDog Raufbold Dummy big The big Raufbold is very well suited for retrieving training, as well as for powerful pulling exercises between dog and trainer. This dummy has good flying characteristics, similar to a Frisbee. The material...
25.90CHF *
Schleuderball Speed
Majordog Slingshot Speed
Slingshot Speed by MajorDog Due to the materials used and its nubby surface, the Speed Ball is particularly handy. With the long loop band you can throw the sling ball over long distances. The loop strap is made of Major Dog special...
From 13.90CHF *
Futterdummy von Majordog
MajorDog Food Dummy
Dummy from MajorDog The food dummy can be filled well with any type of food due to its washable lining and an easy-to-open velcro. He can be thrown well by means of the loop and retrieves the dog. The dog is then rewarded directly from...
From 15.90CHF *
Zopf Zerrspielzeug
MajorDog braid toy
Braid toy by MajorDog The braid is braided from two strips of sturdy Major Dog material and two strips of sturdy organic cotton plush. It can be used for retrieving and Zergelspiele. As a "stick substitute" it spares teeth, gums and...
27.90CHF *
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