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JBL NovoLotl - Complete food for small and bigger Axolotl Complete nutrition and ideal... more
Product information "JBL NovoLotl 250ml"

JBL NovoLotl - Complete food for small and bigger Axolotl

  • Complete nutrition and ideal growth for Axolotl, newts and African dwarf frogs from 10-25 cm
  • What makes it special: it complements the natural nutrition with fish meat of freshwater fish (which is very special!), amphipods and shrimps
  • The selected ingredients provide better digestion and therefore for less water contamination (= less algae)
  • Axolotl find their food by their sense of smell (olfactory). That’s why the smell of the natural ingredients is crucial
  • Can be stored for 3 years unopened, use within 4 months after opening. 250 ml supply food for a 100 l aquarium for 50 days

Axolotl are amphibians, like newts and frogs. Unlike other amphibians they remain in their larval stage with external feathery gills their whole life. Axolotl originally come from a lake in Mexico which is situated high up and has therefore low temperatures at about 20 °C. Nowadays Mexico City has expanded so much that the lake is located within the city and can hardly sustain wildlife due to rubbish tipping and other contamination. As a result axolotl is considered extinct in its original habitat.

Animal welfare is important to us
No processing of cheap fish meal, uses fish meat from fish fillet production with the motto: The large fillet for humans and the small fillet for our aquarium fish!
For years JBL has supported the largest international organisation for the protection of sharks “Shark Project”.

Other good reasons to use JBL fish food:
- The use of pure fish protein without cheap fish meal
– Optimal protein/fat ratio
– Mainly proteins from water animals
– Reduction of algae growth and optimum fish growth thanks to adapted phosphate content
– Impressive acceptance on the part of the water dwellers: research expeditions with animal feeding trials in the wild
– very slight vitamin loss due to airtight sealed packaging

Ahead through research
The results of the JBL research expeditions, combined with the expertise of the JBL research and development team, has resulted in optimal and balanced food mixtures made of high-quality ingredients.

Feeding recommendations
Feed 1 - 2 times a day, as much as can be eaten within a few minutes.

Unopened the food tins can be kept for 3 years, after opening use up within 4 months, since valuable vitamins will deteriorate.

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customer reviews on "JBL NovoLotl 250ml"
6 Aug 2021
Hat alles gut geklappt, Versand könnte etwas

Hat alles gut geklappt, Versand könnte etwas schneller sein.

9 Jul 2021


12 Jul 2020
Tolles Futter

Meine lotl lieben es

7 Feb 2020
Tolles Futter

Meine Lottls lieben das Futter...
Tolles Produkt

14 Mar 2019
Unsere Zwergkrallenfrosche lieben dieses Futter

Unsere Zwergkrallenfrosche lieben dieses Futter

4 Jan 2019
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Futter

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Futter meine lotl lieben es ...bestelle es immerwieder gerne

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