Harrison's hand-picked food (Neonate hadfeelding formula) 350g

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Hand Rearing Feed Neonate handfeelding formula 350g Complete food for the hand rearing... more
Product information "Harrison's hand-picked food (Neonate hadfeelding formula) 350g"

Hand Rearing Feed Neonate handfeelding formula 350g

Complete food for the hand rearing of parrot chicks in the first 3 weeks of life or chicks of medium and large songbird species from the first day of life to weaning with 26% crude protein

Hatched parrot chicks should receive parrot-specific lactobacilli as their first meal about 4 hours after hatching, followed by Neonate Formula for 3 weeks.
In the 4th and 5th week of life, the gradual change to the hand-rearing diet (Juvenile Formula) should be made.

Recommended preparation:
Mix the hand rearing feed (1 part feed with 2-3 parts water) with a maximum of 45 ° C hot water and feed the porridge 41 ° warm. Additions of lactobacilli cultures and digestive enzymes (e.g., Avian enzymes) to the finished feed pulp are appropriate.
Do not repeat the feeding until the crop is almost empty, and slowly increase the amount according to the development and weight gain of the chick.
The feeding of 1-4 day old chicks should be done every 2 hours, the older chick every 3-4 hours with a longer break between 11pm and 6am.

The chicks should be weighed daily with a gram-accurate balance to accurately control growth.

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