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Pond shop for pond accessories of the pet shop / pet store Zoo Roco AG

In our pond shop / garden pond store for pond accessories you find different garden pond accessories such as snail traps, pond thermometer, etc.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our pond shop / garden pond store.

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Velda Pond Guard Shuffle
Velda Pond Guard Shuffle
299.00CHF *
Velda Heron Stop Reflector
Velda Heron Stop Reflector
25.90CHF *
JBL Pond Teich Thermometer
JBL Pond Thermometer
7.90CHF *
Teich Thermometer
pond thermometer
15.90CHF *
 JBL LimCollect 2
JBL LimCollect 2 - Snail trap
17.20CHF *
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