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Easy Life Bio Exit - Algae Remover

If your water in the aquarium turns blue, or you discover blue-green algae, this is usually due to a microbiological imbalance of soil bacteria. The blue-green algae or cyanobacteria are constantly growing. Bio-Exit Blue stimulates the growth of heterophenic soil bacteria. In this way, the microbiological balance can be completely restored and the algae infestation can be contained.

Shake before use. Remove activated carbon. Do not overdose.

Balance treatment for 2 weeks:
Day 1: 10ml per 40 litres of water
Day 7: 10ml per 40 litres of water
Day 14: Change water
Do not change the water during the treatment. If the result is not satisfactory, this treatment can be repeated.
When used as directed, the treatment is not harmful to fish, crayfish and other aquarium inhabitants and plants.

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