Dog chews lamb

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Perrito Lamb Stripes 100g
Perrito Lamb Stripes 100g
6.90CHF *
Escapure Stangerl Lamm 150g
Escapure Stangerl Lamb 150g
7.90CHF *
Escapure Lamm Laiberl
Escapure Laiberl Lamb 150g
7.90CHF *
Escapure Hupferl Lamm 150g
Escapure Hupferl Lamb 150g
8.90CHF *
Lamb & Rice Bone 2 St
Lecky Lamb & Rice Bone
5.70CHF *
Lamb rumen sticks 80 g
4.40CHF *
Lamb ears 150 g
7.90CHF *
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