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Habitat: Asia
Age expectation: 6-7 years
Sexually mature: approx. 1 years
Gestation: 30-35 days
Social behaviour: Single keeping, pair keeping in large aviaries,
Nutrition: Cereals, seeds, nuts, kernels, hay, herbs, fruits,
curd cheese, hard-boiled egg, water

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Chipmunks Chipmunks have a length of 9 - 15cm depending on type. The bushy, strongly hairy... more
Product information "Chipmunks"


Chipmunks have a length of 9 - 15cm depending on type. The bushy, strongly hairy tail measures approx. 10cm.

The colour of the chipmunks is grey - black, with dark stripes running from the head over the back.

Like hamsters, chipmunks have large cheek pockets and collect food for emergency supplies.


Chipmunks are very active and enjoy movement. Therefore, one should provide them with a large, escape-proof room aviary as a home. With the size of the cage applies: The larger - the better and more species-appropriate! In addition, keeping pairs is not possible in aviaries that are too small, as the animals cannot avoid each other. Usually the male is bitten.

A keeping outside is possible. However, the chipmunks then hibernate.

Belongs to the cage equipment:

  • bedding
  • hay
  • branches for climbing
  • various hiding places made of wood or cork
  • sleeping cabins - budgerigar boxes are the best choice.
  • nest material - hay or hamster cotton. Under no circumstances should synthetic cotton wool be used.
  • sand bath
  • food bowl and drinking bottle


To stay healthy, chipmunks - like other living creatures - depend on a varied diet.

The ready-made food offered in pet shops ensures a balanced basic diet. With the supplementary food you can add variety to the menu.

Strip-croissants are not pure vegetarians in contrast to dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs. Therefore you should offer them a piece of egg or a little quark from time to time. Thus the need of animal protein is covered.
The chipmunk is particularly happy about fruit and berries. Make sure that the fresh food is unsprayed. The cage should be checked daily for spoiled fresh food so that the squirrel does not eat moldy food and fruit flies do not form.

Chipmunks also need fresh water every day.


Breeding chipmunks is not easy. It is usually difficult to put together a harmonising pair. In addition, the mating season often only takes place in the spring months.

Usually the female is too aggressive and dominant. It even happens that the males are bitten to death.

The females have a gestation period of 30 - 35 days. The two to eight young are blind and naked, and it takes almost three weeks for them to open their eyes. After another two weeks they start to eat solid food and after about eight weeks they are so self-sufficient that they can be separated from their mother.

Regular costs per month:

  • Food: approx. Fr. 15.--
  • Bedding and hay: approx. Fr. 30.--
  • Veterinarian: The more species-appropriate and clean the keeping, the less likely it is to go to the veterinarian. Nevertheless one must always count on the fact that an animal can become ill also once and then causes additional costs.

Before you decide for chipmunks, you should absolutely have read an appropriate technical book.

For each animal husbandry applies: Children (also young people) must be instructed, supervised and controlled by the parents. Children should know that animals are not toys!

Our trained Zoo Roco team is available to answer any questions you may have. They can advise you professionally in all questions.

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