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In our aquarium shop / aquarium store for aquarium filters (fish tank filters) and aquarium pumps (fish tank pumps) you find different aquaristics articles such as external filters, internal filters, EHEIM filters, Juwel filters, Fluval, air pumps, etc.

An aquarium filter is nothing more than a water filter whose task is to clean the aquarium water and free it from solid waste by retaining it. Aquarists have various types of filters at their disposal, whereby the choice of filter depends on the size of the aquarium and the space available.

Basically, a distinction is made between internal and external filters. Internal aquarium filters include the Hamburg mat filter (HMF), the floor filter or the foam cartridge filter. The external aquarium filters include the sand filter, the pebble filter and the backpack filter. The latter is a so-called trailer filter or piggyback filter.

Browse through our selection of pumps for aquariums, internal filters or external filters for fish and invertebrates and find the right external filter for your needs.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our aquarium shop / aquarium store.

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